About Us

About the Portland Christadelphians

The Portland Christadelphians are disciples of Jesus and worship and fellowship together in mutual support of living a life in keeping with the teachings of Jesus. We study Jesus’ teachings together and explore the Bible with an open mind, searching for insights that aid us in our daily life. We seek to learn to shine the light of God’s love thoughtfully and in all aspects of our lives.

We meet every Sunday to fellowship in joint remembrance of Jesus. We are a community seeking joy and peace in our service to God.


Portland Ecclesia at Murray Hall in Beaverton


The word “Christadelphian” is a construct from the Greek words “christ” and “adelphos”, meaning “Christ’s brothers”. We are a worldwide community of believers.

Christadelphians are an organization in which everyone participates in whatever capacity they are able and willing to do so. There is no central authority. Christadelphians have no paid clergy and are a fully self supportive, non-profit organization composed of independent, autonomous church groups. In order to distinguish ourselves, we often use the term “ecclesia”, instead of “church”, although the meaning is virtually synonymous. Ecclesias are usually made of members from a region encompassing a few cities. In Oregon and Washington there are Christadelphian ecclesias in Salem, Waldport, Grants Pass, Medford, Olympia, Seattle and Portland.